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    Narrative Therapy, Lara Goodman, New York Therapy

    Existential, Narrative, and Brain-Based Therapy for Individual Adults and Couples

    Existential, Narrative and Brain-Based Therapies stand on the premise that we do the best we can under the societal structure and social conditions we are in.


    Human beings will inevitably face limitations and challenges intrinsic to being human. In my therapy practice, the aim is to develop the capacity to stay centered within the natural and self- imposed limits of living.


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    Lara Goodman, LCSW

    Education: Rangjung Yeshe Institute; Goddard College; Columbia University, MSW

    Memberships/Certifications: National Association of Social Workers; American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy; Realm of Caring; Certified Trauma Clinician

    Reading: Toni Morrison; Leo Tolstoy; Viktor Frankl; Irvin Yalom; Elie Wiesel; Noam Chomsky; John Bowlby; Michael White; Pearl S. Buck; Carl Rogers

    Music: TNY Playlist

    Play: Legos; Swimming; Catch

    Watching: Avatar the Last Airbender, animated series; Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist; The Great Depresh by Gary Gulman; High Maintenance; Work in Progress episode 1


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    Intentional breathing techniques change the brain in at least four key ways. These brain changes help people reduce and better manage stress. 1. The Amygdala is the fear center of the brain. Deactivation of this area reduces stress response, AKA sympathetic nervous system arousal. 2. The...
    People who advocate against torture and violence, especially those who are involved in rescue missions, are at heightened risk of suffering from some degree of Secondary Trauma and/or Vicarious Trauma. Secondary trauma results from indirect exposure to a trauma through a firsthand account. This...
    Here's what I have observed in the majority of couples who have reached out for consultation recently, as the reality of covid-19 has become more apparent:There are similarities and differences between how each partner understands Covid-19. Individuals are feeling differently these days...
    1) Consolidate your thoughts about the enormity of this transition by journaling or talking with your partner, therapist, or close adult friend(s). 2) Identify some of the most significant changes to share with your kids. Here’s what I came up with: Mom now works from home. Dad still goes...
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