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    Radical, Narrative and Brain-Based Therapies stand on the premise that we do the best we can under the societal structure and social conditions we are in.

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    Practice Location on the Upper West Side

    Narrative Therapy, Lara Goodman, New York Therapy

    Narrative Therapy for Individual Adults, Couples and Families

    Identifying the social and material conditions in which emotional and interpersonal life is lived enhances the context, strengthens the foundation, and informs the direction of our work.


    Intensive Therapy is also offered. When schedules allow, these weekend sessions often span the course of a day.

    Art Therapy Workshop

    Drawing and painting are tools of wellbeing. For years I have watched my students face challenges in their art, which empower them to accept challenges in their life with playful creativity. I invite you to do the same. Enhance your therapeutic process through meditation, conversation, creating and sharing art.

    Lifestyle and Dietary Consultation

    Nutritional, supplemental and lifestyle consultations offered from a Chinese Medicine perspective. Seasonal plans, menus, resources and recipes provided in concert with psychotherapy.

    སྤྱི་ཚོགས་ཞབས་ཞུ། School Placement Support

    TNY offers pro-bono education consultations and school placement support to first generation Tibetan families in the five boroughs of New York City.


    Tutoring for the gifted and talented test, among other subjects for grades K-5 may also be facilitated.

    Workshopping for Parents

    Parents with children who suffer from behavior and/or psychiatric challenges are welcome. I strongly encourage this workshop or family therapy before seeking individualized behavioral or psychiatric interventions for children.

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    Lara Goodman, LCSW

    Fun: Legos; Chess; Biking; Baseball

    Reading: Irvin Yalom; Leo Tolstoy; Pearl S. Buck, Chang-Rae Lee, Andrew Solomon, Adrian Nicole LeBlanc, Aldous Huxley, Ian McEwan, Noam Chomsky, Charles M. Schultz

    Music: W. Amadeus Mozart; Moisés Nieto; Indigo Girls; Emily Bear; Paul Simon; Billy Joel; Leonard Cohen; Pentatonics...

    Watching Time: Avatar the Last Air Bender (animated series); David Attenborough; 30 Rock; Sherlock;

    Education: Rangjung Yeshe Institute; Goddard College, BA; Columbia U, MSW

    Memberships: National Association of Social Workers, Association for Play Therapy, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy


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